TIBCO AMX Business Events 5.x
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TIBCO Business Events 5.x Course

  • TIBCO BusinessEvents (BE) helps is abstracting and co-relating business information available in the information systems to take suitable actions by using business rules.
  • TIBCO BE identifies patterns within the real-time flow of events that will help you in noticing unusual activities as well as distinguish trends, issues and opportunities. TIBCO BE helps you in predicting needs of your clients, and take faster action.
  • Ad learning, one of the pristine institutes TIBCO BE training in Hyderabad offers top of the line TIBCO BE training programs for individuals who want to pursue their career in this field.
  • In this TIBCO BE Training program, participant will learn about TIBCO BE design-time and runtime components.
  • They will acquire knowledge about TIBCO BE components, implementation model, enterprise features as well as rule-based system.
  • This training program is suitable for both BE 4.x and BE 5.x users.

On completion of the TIBCO BE training program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the BE tools and features required for implementing real-world CEP solutions
  • Launch and navigate the BE UI
  • Design, develop and deploy simple BE project
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